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Thread: Latest Boar Outing

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    Latest Boar Outing

    Had two guy,s along last week to try their luck for a bore, neither Rae or Barry had attempted bore shooting before so both were pretty excited
    I took Rae on his own on the first night ,so up in our new seat for 6 oclock ,very quiet and still night ,not the kind of night we usually do well ,but we decided we would give it until around 11 pm at the latest,if they havent come to feed by then ,they have sussed us.First hour seemed like 3 trying to sit silently but Rae was spot on and never made a sound , 7.15 we both jumped in our seats as a bore ran across ,past the food ,snorting and grunting,pretty obvious it was a decent size and on his own . I said to Ray he knows we are here ,think our chance has gone but we,ll give it half an hour. Two or three minutes later i could hear the dead bracken breaking and had a look through night vision, he was creeping back in from straight in front ,but stopped around 50m ,and stood still for 3 or 4 minutes , we waited till he stood well for the shot and Rae let loose with the 308 ,perfect shot ,bore dead on the spot
    Rae is a very experienced stalker ,so i was pleased when he said he had just had his best outing ever ,it was a great night
    Photos will be added asap

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    congrats on the boar sounds great ,can i ask what size they go to in your area also do clients use your rifle with nv or do you have a different set up for clients to use own rifle .i have only ever been out for rabbits or fox under lamp so very interested to hear how you go about boar,atb wayne

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    Hi Wayne
    The biggest ive had is around 100kg ,but my neighbours have had one or two well over that
    Most clients use my kit an archer on my Zeiss and 308 we have two archers ,so can fit one
    on clients rifle if suitable and i can watch ,using mine and point out suitable shot

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    thanks colin thats a good size and thanks for the info sounds great,atb wayne

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    this the picture of rae and his pig

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    Excellent Colin .Very envious but one day it will be my turn ,promise .

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