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Thread: Just to let you know

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    Just to let you know

    The site has officially changed hands, as of today.

    Now that we are, at last, fully in control of the site we would like to make a few things clear. Firstly, we would like to make it clear that had not each and every one of you stayed the distance, the site would not be here today. We must also make it clear that without Rob it would not have been here in the first place, and for that we all owe him a huge debt of thanks.

    We are, obviously looking to improve as we go along, and this we fully intend to. Our takeover of the site has coincided with one or two rather large functions coming off, the CLA Game Fair and the March and Shoot fundraiser. Following these two events it will be a time to take stock and consider the future with a renewed clear mindedness and energy. What the future will hold, we have no idea. Well that is not quite true, we do have a few ideas and we are sure the fertile minds of our members will soon provide more. Some of which may even be physically possible!

    So, onwards and upwards, and ATB to you all.


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    Hunky Dory,

    Well Done Guys.

    Here's looking Onwards and Upwards with you.

    Good Luck to you All behind the scenes.


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    Good luck with the future of the forum.

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    Hope it goes from strength to strength.
    A valuable asset to ALL stalkers
    Well done

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    super news looking forward to what the future brings

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    just to let you know

    well done lads.thank you for persevering. It WILL be worth it .

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