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    lee factory sales

    hi has
    any body ordered any thing from lee factory sales in usa and do you pay inport du

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    Not bought from Lee but ahev bought other stuff from the US. In general you will pay duty when it come sover. I bought a Foxpro caller from a shop over there. They kindly marked the customs form as low value $40 gift. I didnt pay any duty on it. Obviously I wouldnt encourage anyone to be dishonest and avoid paying out wonderful government the completely justified tax that they wish to charge on everthing we buy

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    Have bought from Lee factory outlet a couple of times- great service but you will be stung for duty and carriage charges.

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    I bought from them, great service. The trick is to make the order worthwhile, make sure you can get everything and even stuff for mates. By the time you have paid the import, VAT and handling charge you are still laughing.


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    I bought a set of reloading dies for my Martini Henry. They arrived in about a week and I was lucky in that they came straight to my door without the treasury taking their pound of flesh.
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    Sometimes it comes straight through as Harry says. I have brought dies from the direct several times. Each time was after being quoted silly delivery times by the British importers. Don't know about you but I am not going to wait 6 months plus for them to get their fingers out. Not when I can do it online with lee and get them here in less than 2 weeks. Lee will charge the export permit fee so bear that in mind.

    What really gals me is the Post office chargign 8 for presenting the package to customs. They have agreements with other coutries Post Offices and ahve been PAID for deleivering then rip us off again.

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    Have a look at Titan Reloading's website - Looks like the chap works very closely with the factory and I think his prices are good.

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    Bought a complete reloading kit plus a fair bit extra, was charged VAT plus 12 parcel force handling fee, this was from lees factory shop, from ordering to delivery 10-12 days, very good service and still cheaper than Kranks....callie

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    When Post Office present the documentation to HMRC they have to pay any Duty and VAT at time of presentation. This comes from their Deferment Account. Same as any other Freight Forwarder. This Account has to be two times the maximum monthly amount they expect to use. This amount is held in escrow by their bank. HMRC can then call on this IF the end of month "bill" isn't paid. Post Office still have to pay HMRC every month. There is zero interest paid on the money in the Deferment Account. Now, allowing 20% minimum that any Company should be using as GP you get an idea as to the scale. Charging a minimum fee (as per retailers charging 1.50 for card transaction under 10) is cheap as you have to offset the loss of interest earned on the millions you have on deposit.

    Now, if at point of delivery the client declines to accept the goods, Post Office can't reclaim what they have paid to HMRC. Same as any Import Broker.


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