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Thread: feo coming in the morning

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    feo coming in the morning

    hi,got a call from firearms depot this afternoon and will be coming out to see me in the morning for my interview for sgc/fac. is there any thing i should know as such or is it striaght forward questions and stick kettle on. well best bolt cabinet to wall tonight then.stav

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    Be polite, sensible and yourself. Get the kettle on and some decent biscuits.

    Just think through any answers to questions before you answer. If it's not clear what he's asking ask for clarification.

    It's just a chat where he's checking you out as a person.

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    Hello Stav,it should be straight forward as long as your security is in place,i keep my rifle bolts & ammo in another safe , that way the rifles are useless if they get tea leafed,a friend of mine was asked to show the feo his shooting jacket & the feo went through every pocket ! when my mate asked what that was all about the feo said he was looking for loose ammo ( ammo security/is it locked away when not in use ) i suppose they are looking for awarenes or common sense,good luck,cheers lee

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    Make sure you've put the hand guns and automatic rifles back under the bed and you should be fine !!! joking apart they just ask a few questions check your cabinet etc serial numbers and do a bullet count

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    also if he asks you where you keep your cabinet keys dont tell him!! as you and ONLY you should know where they're kept.. good luck!

    Regards, Jez.

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    I found 'accidentally' leaving the DSC1 manual out didnt hurt any, mine asked me to talk him through a shot, just remember, backstop, backstop oh and er backstop

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    Their only doing their job. Just be sound and sensible. You cant do much more. I sold our new one a bitch Lab when he first came round. That was a good start.

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    He's going to be doing his job - he's not your friend and, (if he is professional enough), he's shouldn't be your enemy.

    If you know your position and are confident in what you are applying for and have the 'good reason' and other criteria mapped out, then you shouldn't have a problem.

    If he starts 'suggesting' that you modify your application because you won't be granted A, B or C then the alarm bells should start ringing. If you are sure you can justify what you have on the form then ask for it to be proceeded with on that basis.

    Read through the 'Legal Issues' section of the forum and get up to speed with the HO Guidance and BASC Guidance and fact sheets.

    Good luck with it.

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    Just tell him, you are jumping through all the Hoops needed to do, to legally own a firearm in the UK,not like all the unlicensed and illegal owners in the UK,and you would like your firearm traced back to you, if involved in any crime or misdemeanour's


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    cheers for all the replys. the feo has been and gone, all went well and he said i,d be getting my sgc/fac through the post with everything i,d asked for. result. cheers again stav.
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