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Thread: Roe and Muntjac stalking

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    Roe and Muntjac stalking

    Now taking bookings for end of March, April and May. Excellent country and deer.
    PM me in the first instance.


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    i would just like to say i had a very enjoyable stalk with mark lots of good roe and muntjack and i am going back you wont be dissapointed,wayne

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    Hello Mark, Rob and Ben,

    I just wanted to say thank you for a great day's deer stalking on your grounds, as well as for organising the B&B with great food and board. It was great to meet your team and see the areas you manage the evening before, after zeroing in the rifle, to get an idea of the place and people who run it. The morning in the high seat showed how well Rob knows his 'usual suspects', i.e. the muntjac and roe, which all showed up on pretty much on cue. Shooting a good size muntjac doe - and moving a bit too fast which spooked the buck that followed her - I was keen to make the most of the day. I skinned and quartered the doe (while Rob did three...) and we compared notes on deer stalking in the UK and Germany. Over a sandwich lunch thanks to Mark's wife, Mark, Rob and Ben and I had a chat about the afternoon's stalking on foot and the roe and muntjac they had seen. We decided on a long stalk through three stretches of forest, which proved a real challenge as they were, in Rob's words "as dry as rice crispies"... We saw a roe doe and a sturdy 6 point buck, still in velvet and definitely in his prime, and got as close as 20 yards when the doe spotted us and the two bounded away. It being a warm day, it looked like all four-legged and winged creatures were bedded down waiting for dusk. Rob and I drove to another park-like area to end the day in the high seat. Stalking to the seat we saw two more roe, one buck I'd been told about and would have loved to take a closer look at myself, and a doe, which crossed the park at speed and took the buck along with her. Hmpf. So we got settled into the high seat, seeing lots of hares and also had a quick glimpse of a muntjac when it was simply too dark to shoot. Before, much to Rob's embarrassment - he's a keen foxing man - I spotted a good-size fox leisurely looking for a feathered dinner. I'm sure he's in another place by now... Anyway, it was a great day, I enjoyed every bit of it. Apart from the deer we saw lots of other wildlife as well, all in excellent shape, which shows you it's a well-managed place. The muntjac doe is in the freezer now and we've had a lovely venison goulash already, so everyone's happy.

    Thank you again and regards to your team and family,


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    Keep up the good work all of you.
    regards John

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    my pennys worth mark is a top man and as said great stalking

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    Many thanks for that and I hope to see you before too long.

    Kindest regards

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