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    Hope this makes sense

    With my 6.5 x 55 , I always have it shooting an inch high at 100 yards. But, is it better to zero at an inch high at 100 yards to get tight groups at that range OR zero at dead on 150 ( which is roughly inch high at 100)....the reason I ask this is the groups open up of course at 150 yards....which would be best...hope that makes sense.

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    What type of land do you most often stalk over? If it were woodland shooting I would zero bang on at 100yds. Open hill I'd set about an inch high at 100 just for a bit more comfort out to 150yds.


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    Hi Dc... have to say it varies, sometimes woodland and sometimes large fields. For example on the weekend I was sat on hay bales waiting for Roe to wander past...50 yards to say 120. But later stalked into a group and the onley possible shot was 140 bi pods. I am confident to shoot out to 200 yards ( thats paper not roe I hasten to add ) ...I know I can shoot out further but there really isnt a need , as I wont be taking deer at more than 150 off bi pods

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    Over the last 20 yrs, I have got into a routine of sighting my rifles at 1 inch high at 100yds for stalking. I also routinely check the impact of two shots on a target at 100yds. The first shot being a cold clean bore shot and the second being a follow up shot. If both shots are within an inch of my aiming point, I don't adjust anything. Prior to this, the rifles I was given to shoot were similarly sighted.

    Given the opportunity, it's useful to check where your shots will fall at up to the maximum range that you intend to shoot. I shoot on a range that has a 230 yd firing point so I have a fair idea what I need to do to hit the bull at that range, although I wouldn't normally shoot at deer as far away as that.

    Rgds JCS

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