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    Sauer 202

    I've just read another review of the Sauer 202. This time in Sporting Rifle. The Tech Spec box states that the rifle is available in calibres from 223 Rem upwards. Is the 223 a new chambering? I thought the minimum chambering for the 202 was 22-250.
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    It has always been available in 222 and 223. You do have to buy the 2nd bolt.

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    I'm sure it wasn't offered in 223 or 222 when I bought mine in 1996. Or maybe it was just that Frankonia didn't sell them in those calibres.
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    Hey HM,
    I have a Sauer 202 and they start at .222 for which you need a " mini " bolt and of course magazine. The 22/250 and .243 need a "small medium" bolt and mag ( along with a barrel of course) and from about 25/06 up to large metric calirbes like the 9.3x62 you get away with the medium bolt. All this can be achieved on the medium action. Magnum calibres of course require different actions but you can go right up to big game from there.

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    Oh dear. I wish I'd not found that out. I can feel a hankering for a 222 barrel, bolt and mag to go on my 308.
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