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Thread: leaving bolts in rifle when in cabinet

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    leaving bolts in rifle when in cabinet

    my mrs has applied for her sg cert she is shooting my 20 gauge .the fao has been round and is happy for her to have access to my cabinet which is home to 4 rifles and 4 s guns as long as the rifles are secured in the cabinet so she cant use them ! my question is is it law to remove bolts from the rifles when in storage seem to remember something about that ,only fao is coming to check security on delivery of cert .many thanks

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    iT IS NOT LAW BUT IT IS SAFE PRACTICE, If your guns get stole and they dont get in the smaller secure part and still get your full useable rifles you might have questions to answer.

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    Depends on your police force.

    Here in NI it is mandatory that rifle bolts be stored in a seperate safe from the rifles. In practice if your gunsafe has a seperate little lock box at the top, that is usually acceptable.

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    I'd take them out for the visit.... just to err on the side of caution
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    It is recommended but I use lever rifles / semi autos so its not done, which makes the advice a ass

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    If I leave the bolt and magazine in the rifle, at least I know where it is!!

    Have been up zeoring a rifle without a bolt in the bad old days. Agreed on best practise though, but a rifle without ammo is a cricket bat, bolt or not.

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    Highly reccomended to store the bolt seperate from the rifle and if you store it with the ammunition in a seperate lockable section, which we all have then that is even better because now if we forget to take the bolt then we will also forget the ammo and then what is the point of going shooting.But at least the gun will be safe and that is the main thing. Bozzy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    It is recommended but I use lever rifles / semi autos so its not done, which makes the advice a ass
    For sure, bang on. The entire law system is an ass, especially in the UK firearms system. Open laws, contradictions and loopholes make up the whole thing.

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    There is no legal requirement to, I asked my FEO and he said I can if I want. For fear of mixing up similar bolts I don't remove them.

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    Personally I remove the bolt an lock it elsewhere. If your Rifle's did fall into the wrong hands god forbid,

    it's better to do so without Bolts.

    Though as stated it's not a legal requirement. Which would you choose if you had the chioce.

    Rgds Buck.
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