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Thread: March And Shoot Auction winner

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    March And Shoot Auction winner

    Hi All,

    Nearly two years ago, we had a march and Shoot auction where I offered up two lots. One was pigeon shooting and the other was wildfowling. As it was I thought it would be nice, as both the people who successfully bid had bid substantial amounts, to offer a full day of pigeons and evening wildfowling to both.

    As it turned out one of the guys (Leigh) had pulled his back, so was unable to make it on the date we had arranged. (Mark I know had a great evening on the ducks/geese despite not hitting anything. Not that easy when Teal come at you at head height in the gloom across a darkening marsh) I was happy to rearrange a day for Leigh when he was feeling better, but due to sudden marital separation (always gets in the way of shooting), I was in no place (Quite literally for a while) to be able to rearrange that day.

    I know Leigh came from the Norfolk area, but unfortunately I cannot seem to find his contact details in order to contact him and arrange the day that he has paid for now that I am sorted out.

    So if anybody knows who this person is, can they get him to contact me, so I can hold my end of the bargain up please.



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    Maybe Bandit Country could help, looks like he took the bids?

    March Shoot Auction Lots

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    SS...good to see you back up and about!!! great to arrange a meet up with you and MS for a beer....I know I keep talking about it but maybe some point in April ...?

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    SS you are very stand up guy. I had lost your details too. I would be very happy to arrange another day out with you.

    I have dropped you a pm with my contact details.

    Thanks very much.

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    HI LW,

    I'm just sorry its taken so long to get back to you. I've seen your initial Pm, but just so I make sure that you are the same person, could you PM me your location/place of work at the time and how/where you pulled your back. Sorry to be over safe, but we're talking Shotguns/Firearms here and after the hassle I've had with the Ex-missus, I'm not taking anymore chances.

    Big Gratitude and respect to Suffolk Constabulary though for their time and patience in the matter and to MS and one or two others for their help and support at the time too.


    Can't speak for MS, but love to meet up for a beer at some point. Looking for some pointers, so be good to catch up. Bring some more pics of those lovely Red stags you showed me before


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    Good to catch up again Leigh. I'll ping those dates over in the next couple of days and then we'll head out to shoot a few woodies and hopefully a few rooks/crows and daws. (Have an issue with Magpies on mine due to lack of visits last year and I really need to get on top of these (Counted 11 last time out so know there's more than that).

    Nautilus21 and MS,

    whenever you fancy a beer give me a shout.


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