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Thread: DSC1 Question-safe distance?

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    DSC1 Question-safe distance?

    Hi Guys, for the purposes of the DSC1 course, what distance will a deer legal calibre bullet travel if it doesn't have a safe backstop to catch it?
    The potential answers are as follows -
    The first is obviously out as i've seen 243's shot at 1000 yds
    So for me its betwen 2&3?

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    come on guys, 11 veiws and no body knows? by asking the question i've addmited i aint sure, give me some help here!

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    How about, "You wouldnt take a shot without a proper backstop!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mereside View Post
    3500-5000 mate,atb wayne

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    B 2.5 miles in old money is what is in my mind. So 3500 - 5000m works for me.

    Regards JCS

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    morgy thats not the question asked for dsc1 3500-5000 is whats asked for,atb wayne

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    The answer is 3500-5000m

    It is generally concidered that most deer calibre rifles if discharged at around 30 degrees will launch a bullet to a distance of 3500-5000m this is why its most important when loading or unloading which is the most likely time for an accidental dicharge that the rifles muzzle is pointed in a safe direction and not being used in the anti aircraft role.

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    Hi Mereside,

    Thanks for that, I read all the questions and found several were ambiguous and thought they were trick questions.


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    The question is as follows-
    "What is the maximum distance a bullet from a deer rifle might travel if there is no safe backstop"

    Followed by the four answers to choose from, so thanks very much for the help, i'm happy to go for 3500-5000m

    There is no mention on this question of weather or not the shot is "safe"

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