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Thread: Lansky Knife Sharpening System

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    Lansky Knife Sharpening System

    Has anybody used this?

    Looks to be idiot proof and suitable for more than one knife application.


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    i have one and i love it i'm not great at sharpening knives but with this even i can get them like a razor.

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    I recently tested a similar knife sharpening system made by Gatco.
    These knife sharpening systems are no quick fix and require a bit of patience to get the optimum results, but it must be said the resulting edge is far superior to any draw-through type of sharpener I have used.
    I have a Buck knife which after a hectic season possessed the sharpness of a lollipop stick! 10 minutes of following basic instructions, working down the grits of the sharpening stones, using the metal guide rods and I had a perfect edge which was arguably better than when it came out the factory.
    I would recommend one of these systems to bring your knives back to life and get yourself a decent diamond steel to keep them in check in between.

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    I've used a lansky for years. Like others i'm not the best knife sharpener in the world. I sharpen my knives with the 30% edge. Not so razor sharp but the edge lasts a long time.

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    I have been using an Lansky for a few years and I am generally very pleased with the results.

    That said, if I were buying again, I too would go with the GATCO system...Both are good and both will sharpen your knives, but the GATCO is just a slightly better design..

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    I have a Gatco, but tend to use it only for 'repairing' grind angle. I normally use the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker kit, just excellent to put a real edge on any cutting implement.


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    I found this the other day,and,having used the Lansky which I found next to useless,wondered whether this might be better...........certainly looks better made and like it should do the trick.I slaughtered for 25+ yrs and I use a DMT diamond stone,and,a whet stone,and,my knives will shave you.......................Martin.!

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    Is it actually possible to get an edge on a stalking knife that is good enough to shave with. Although I think I get a decent edge on my knife with a diamond steel, I would not say that I could shave with it.
    If you get an edge that sharp, does it mean that the edge will not last long? I reckon I can gralloch 3 or 4 animals without needing to touch the blade up, but have no idea whether this is good or bad?
    Excuse my ignorance but it is something I have never really thought about.

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