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Thread: Time to sell on. T8, shotgun and climbing highseat

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    Time to sell on. T8, shotgun and climbing highseat

    Need to make room in the cabinet for an Auto shotgun for pigeons as well as raise the funds.

    Having replaced my T8 with an lighter mod to sort out barrel harmonics I have a good condition T8 and neoprene cover now surplice to requirement. It is bushed for a prohunter .243. 80 face to face or can send via RFD at cost, 1/2 inch unc Sold to Smudge

    Franchi Falconet 12 bore in reasonable condition (3/4 and 1/4 chokes I think but dont hold me to it.) bought from a site member but only used once. 200 face to face or RFD at cost.

    Self climbing high seat, Bought from David1976 but eventually went for a panther kit so again surplace and a waste if some one can use it. 80

    Pm for further details,
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    where abouts in wast lotian are you jimbo ? might take the t8 off your hands

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    Whitburn 5 mins from junction 4 m8

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    Any pics of the 12g and high seat?

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