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Thread: Roe Buck Call

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    Roe Buck Call

    On another thread somebody mentioned making a whistle from a Roe antler, I thought I would post a couple of pics of a Roe Call I have which may inspire somebody to have a go making one themselves...

    To give a sense of scale, the call is 3.5" long...

    I would think that any one with a drill should be able to make one. The only difficult thing would be finding some thin springy, plastic for the "reed"...

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    Thanks for posting the oictures Pete
    I tried to find a site with the know how on making them.
    I couldn`t find anything so without any rough guidelines it could take years of trial and error.

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    Could you try using a saxaphone reed? A couple of quid from any decent music shop. When my youngest started on the sax the noises that came out of it would have pulled in anything from the Sugar Puffs Honey Monster through to the deafest fox on earth!

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    I'd recommend getting a bit of dowel and shaping and drilling that first untill you get the hang how to do things...

    The saxaphone reed sounds an excellent idea BC and something I would never have thought of in a month of Sundays!



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    Roe Call

    Very nice workmanship. You should make more and put them on line. Richard Prior would charge 15 little pounds of a lesser model.

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    I didn't make that, its one i picked up in Germany a few years back...But its wouldn't be difficult to make once you found the reed..



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