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Thread: I've just looked out the window and....

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    I've just looked out the window and....

    It's bloody snowing, but it won't last long, it won't honest it wont, it will pack in soon yes it will, I know it will........... please tell me it will

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    You must have the snow shoes,crampons,snow shovels,emergency rations etc by now John?.
    I still have bad dreams about my nightmare 35 mile 11 hour journey on the m8 here in the "soft South"


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    John, on the plus side, you have some cracking views from your house. When the snow falls, it looks like Narnia.

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    It's alright panic over, it's stopped now.

    I've had enough of bloody Narnia this winter thank you TJ, I need the warmer temperatures of Spring for my old bones I ain't no yoof anymore

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Despite the snow starting here in the north of Ireland on 26 November and then a remarkable cold period in December with a thaw on Boxing Day I think that the start of 2011 has actually been quite moderate. Last year we had snow on the ground, not always generally but here and there behind hedges and so on, from 18th December until 18th April with only a short snow free period of a few days in March and I couldn't get enough clothes to wear stalking. My days out this year have been much more comfortable.

    I always maintain that in most years I fish in snow during the first week of the trout season, which starts 1st March. In my experience we have some snow in early March more often than not.

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    John it's a pity the Sika are not in season, they'd ave been easy to track in all that snow.

    Never mind get yer sledge oot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Just seen weather forcast you have more comming seems winters not over for you.But then some say its gods country

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    Was out with the lamp earlier for a wee look and the sleet came down and we are to get a bit of snow also , still the deer wont mind the green is on the Hawthorn.

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    We have had snow every day for three weeks now, including some dandy -15F temps with high winds. I am really looking forward to spring prairiedog shooting: T-shirts, sun screen, cold sodas and no place else to be. Sigh!~Muir

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    still snowing here . Got about 75cm on the ground from the winter so far. If it doesnt stop then it looks like I'll be working tonight(snow plough)
    ATB Toby

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