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Thread: calling in mr fox

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    calling in mr fox

    ive not had any problem calling in foxes but over the last month or so charlie wont come in to the call? any ideas to bring him in?

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    Decoy em with a stuffed animal, and use an electronic caller.

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    Round here ive found they love a hare call in mid winter but we are just coming into the little mouse squeek and duckling time of year

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    have you tryed a vixen call on mp3 or through callmaster. thats works well this time of year. due to them mating etc....
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    I have tried several different callers ,At time fox's refuse to come in to a repetitive noise,Try alternating different callers,but seemingly the best call I and many have tried cost only 2. its called foxsqueak.PEST CONTROL : SALES

    you will not be disapointed, Last time out, we had 2 foxes,they come into this call like an intercity 125

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    Hi, iv'e had the same problem ! Thinking !? that they might have better thing's to do at this time of year !? Although they still have to eat, don't they !? If i find the answer i'll let you know !!!! Good luck..

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    your foxes are a bit behind ,they have already given birth round here

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    Calling foxes on a regular basis is not that simple. You have obviously cleared up the "easy" ones and now things will get more difficult. Try different calls, sometimes don't call at all just wait. Foxes cover large areas and one will pass by eventually if you are patient.
    Foxes respond in different ways depending on a wide range of factors, get to know their ways and start thinking like them, it takes a long time to become proficient, too many people think you buy a call, use it and they come running, that doesn't happen that often. As I said, calling sucessfully depends on a multitude of factors. Learn some of them and you are halfway there.

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    I have not had much in the way of joy with my calling since about Christmas. I think I mopped up most of the easy ones last year and it's just the cunning ones left. Either that or they have other things on their minds for the past couple of months - they are Essex foxes after all. Switched tactics to bait points mid January and have got back on top of it again. Will probably keep this up until harvest and then go back to the caller for the second half of the year. Added benefit is that if the bait isn't going you can be pretty sure there's nothing about so not too many cold, wet, late nights patroling without results.

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    Could the expert fox shooters please share their knowledge on the foxes habits, calls, rituals, etc. etc. I would like to learn more. Oh, could you tell me more about when the vixen is pregnant, gives birth, and when the young become independent, as even though I do want to control my fox population, I would not want to shoot highly pregnant vixens, or shoot the mother away from dependent young.
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