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Thread: meopta 7x50 with rangefinder!!

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    meopta 7x50 with rangefinder!!

    meopta 7x50 scope for sale,it's got the rangefinder at the bottom of the lense,if you know what i mean,very good condition,no marks on lenses or crimp marks, 220 posted rmsd

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    Yes please - I'll take that.

    PM inbound.

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    sold to the man above!!

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    You won't be disappointed. Great budget scope. I have one on my 243

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    I've been waiting for one to come up for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karbon77 View Post
    sold to the man above!!
    you lucky luck bastttttttttttttttttttrd

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    Very happy with the Meopta... it's currently sat on my rimfire

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