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    410 gauge

    which kind of games are hunted with 410 gauge in UK?
    Are 410 gauge rifled slugs are legal for hunting?

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    I have shot Rabbits with a 410, and I know of someone that shoots Driven Pheasants with one, as for the slugs, I have no experience with them but someone probably uses them


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    I have had a little B/A 410 in the cupboard for years, can't remember the last time I used it, it's been so long!! Used to shoot a lot of rabbits with my old terrier (RIP) flushing them out of the brambles for me. It also saw plenty of action when I used to ferret too!!

    Never tried slugs in it



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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    my 410 barrel in m6 scout has been very effective to clean and keeping clean from rats my barn in years and even many berry theives in my garden and pigons too!

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    In my youth, I account'd for many a rabbit and rat, with a Norica 3 shot Bolt Action I had. GREAT

    Not so sure about the legalities though.

    Most 410's are tightly choked, which i think is a no! no! with regards to slugs.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    i get rather decent accuracy with federal 1/4 ounnce and win and rem 1/5 ounce slugs! usually between 2 to 4inches and 4 shot @40 yards!!maybe because of the rifle sight on my 6

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    Useful guns for shooting birds perched in trees [less debris back than with the 12G!]. Excellent and very safe for humane dispatch. I've shot a few rabbits, pigeon and rats too.

    Know a bloke with a SBS .410 he uses as a partridge gun. Youngsters often start shooting game with them, they are just at such a disadvantage with the low pellet count.

    Have no experience with slugs and the .410, metaldehyde is cheaper than the cartridges.

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    I have a side by side 410 by Jeffrey. I happily use for shooting game and phaesants are just as dead as with a 12. Ok more difficult to hit with, as tighter pattern, and possibly a few yards less range, but lovely to use and carry.

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