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Thread: red kite

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    red kite

    A friend of mine hit a kite in his van the other day.He did not pick it up.
    The question is could he have legally picked it up and sold it to a taxidermist or had it stuffed himself

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    The answer is a definite NO,the red kite is a CITES protected bird and requires an Article 10 to be sold on or otherwise disposed of for commercial reasons, possession of a Schedule 4 bird without proper documentation is attracting heavy penalties, wild birds are hardly ever given an A10....I would advise leave well alone!

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    He could not have sold it however he could have had it stuffed for himself the taxidermist would have just needed to record where it was found etc !

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    Possession still requires an Article 10..under those circumstances ,if in doubt the finder will get confirmation from Animal Health in Bristol A10 is required for the bird,or any derivatives of the bird ie the skin with feathers on ! For the record I have kept and flown Birds of Prey for 42 years and had a lot of dealings with UK injured/dead birds,if the bird is gifted to the taxidermist and it is re-gifted without money changing hands that may be legal, but you may have to prove it in Court, all a messy process for a suffed bird !

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    ive taken badgers and otters to the police station told them where they were found filled in the forms and taken them to a taxidermist to be suffed birds are the same

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    The Police do not want to know..they are involved only if Animal Health invoke a prosecution for illegal possession.

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    You only need A10 to sell the bird thats what i was told !

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    I cant remember what the form is call but you go into the station tell the copper on the desk youve found a dead badger for example on the road and you would like the paper work so you can keep it to have it mounted . You need this incase your raided by the police/RSPCA and are found to be in posession of said badger or body parts , the paper work goes with the animal to the taxidermist and comes back with your mount . FACT , ive done it more than once and you get some funny looks off the officer on the desk

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    Few years back when otters where still fairly rare i found one dead bye the road,spoke to a local taxidermist to see if he wanted it, but he told me that it could only be used for educational purposes and not sold on, as stated this was some years ago, things may have changed now that they are Back?????


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    Badgers and otters are not CITES protected Schedule 4 Birds....Wild Mammals are dealt with under a separate Statute....Wildlife and Countryside legislation applies,as well as The Badger Act...different set of rules entirely

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