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Thread: The moveing of post in mid flight

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    The moveing of post in mid flight

    Alex do you think it wise to move post in mid flight i know you think you are doing a good thing but for the most times it just kills a good thread on the spot (unless that is your intention). While i know that some and that includes me have posted stuff in the wrong area. This in the most part is accidental and i realise that if some one wants to find out about the Law Dogs Firarms they do a search. Do you think you could leave a post in the most part to run its coarse which dosnt take that long and then move to the correct area.

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    Oh no! I seem to be under a bit of fire for moving threads at the moment, and I'm not totally sure why.

    Forums have sections, you post in the most applicable section and the tiny minority of threads that get posted in the wrong section get moved by a moderator, that's how all forums work. The section Titles on this site have hardly changed since the beginning and I've been moving threads since 2009 so I'm not sure why it's suddenly a problem now?

    A couple of points:

    • For people using the What's New tab it makes absolutely no difference where the post is. If someone replies it appears in What's New, regardless of what forum it has been moved to. So if the thread is 'alive' it will keep coming to people's attention.
    • I usually leave an expiring redirect for 24 hours in the forum the thread was in so people have plenty of time to see it (would it help if this was longer?)

    There is enough of an administrative burden as it is without monitoring the progress of each thread to see whether it is 'ripe' for moving and I have to admit, it is a little annoying when people intentionally stick threads in General when they belong elsewhere just because they think it will get more views.

    I guess the best all round solution is for those not already doing so is to make use of What's New. (I did think the majority already did?)


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    Alex, I can't see what all the fuss is about, if a thread has been moved I generally think that "there must be a reason" , and sheer nosieness makes sure that I must have a look see at the thread, whereas, under normal circumstances, if it's not something interesting I might have skipped over.....callie

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    what alex your getting grief for putting things where they belong.
    I didnt know that you where a moderator like 6pointer is. you should take that as one tick. be careful two and your out lol, next you will be asking him for advertising costs.....know your place young man.


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    So do you have any further points to make 6pointer, or can I now move this to where it belongs?

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    ha ha could not resist

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    What's the difference between using "what's new" and clickin on "new posts"?

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    Hi abu,

    Absolutely nothing, it's the same function


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    Are you a Virgo by any chance Alex

    You move the threads to where they should be bach and don't worry about the flak. If they had the job of site admin they wouldn't know where to begin.

    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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    I just hit the "whats new " button, can't see why you wouldn't?
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