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    You tube

    I was watching some guys You Tube blog the other day, it was reasonably entertaining. It's called Longrange Blog, but IS NOT about long range shooting! I think it might be a scandinavian chap who's a professional stalker in the Borders/Eskdale area. He posts video's on deer stalking, self-recorded, but done very well indeed, just him and his dog.

    I can't get into the link and attach it as I'm at work, and the IT guys won't let me but I found it as it popped up when I went into the linke from the other thread on here, about the guy shooting with no safe backstop..Oh Deer, oh deer, oh deer !!

    Just a good thing to haven as a link on the labtop when the wife is watching girly cr*p on the telly

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    Think he is a visiting stalker as they have a long standing relationship with Scandinavian stalkers coming over. Its a good vid and brings back memories of times I have stalked there. Must go back one day.

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    Hi PKL,

    The guy is Norwegian, I don't think he's a professional stalker he just visits the Eskdale area every year with some friends for some hunting. As you can see from his video he's really into his longer range stuff and is a cracking shot, I think I read somewhere that he was into competition shooting.

    Another Norwegian YouTube'r you might like to follow is Kristoffer Clausen, he's a "celebrity hunter" over here and releases professional DVD's of his hunts, here's a link to his YouTube page:
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