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Thread: redding comp neck sizing 243 improved problems

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    redding comp neck sizing 243 improved problems

    I am new to this forum although I am a member of others. Would just like to see if anyone has any experience with the following. I was about to purchase the redding comp neck die set for a new 243 AI. I am using the same in 223 with no problems. I have read on other forums that the redding die is a 243 win 40 degree and is slighty different to the Ackley dimensions. Others have experienced a problem with not being able to size as much of the neck as they expected. Has anybody had the same ? This has resulted in those having to return the die to the States so that Redding can tweek them. Any views would be good,

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    I thought the .243ai was 40deg, the standard .243win is 20deg

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    I would have considered having custom dies made using a re-size or finish reamer that made the chamber of the rifle concerened.

    Re-size reamer would allow FL resize.

    Finish reamer, you can make neck bushing dies.

    Best way IMHO.

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    I have used Redding competition neck dies on my 243 AI for approx 600 reloads so far and not had any problems.

    I usually neck size to 0.02" short of the shoulder but am able to size the whole neck if I wanted to.

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