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Thread: which sauer 202 mounts?

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    which sauer 202 mounts?

    Which is best? Burris TU-202 mounting system or the Leupold mounting system. Or are both of equal quality? This is for my sauer 202 lightweight.

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    Will, does your receiver have the cast in weaver bases or just screw holes?

    I know it is not what you asked for, but I have had good service over the years from Warne bases and rings. I had these on my last 202 and they were completely reliable, though they are a bit chunky. Won't break the bank either.

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    I use warne mounts on my 202 Outback, great set of mounts.


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    + 1on the warne rings and bases, have them on mine and have used for past 8 years without issue on other rifles.

    I dont like moving parts on my scope/rings setup.

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    I have a set of EAW mounts just taken off a Sauer with 1 inch rings. They include bases, clamps and the rings. They are recommended for alloy receivers. PM me if your interested. Sensible price.

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    Use Apel on my 202 select, don't own anything else for this rifle.
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    Apels (eaw) on my elegance expensive but worth it.

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