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Thread: Fur Trade

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    Fur Trade

    Just watched this on Youtube

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    Hi Teckel,

    thanks for the link, I watched it last night as well. Interesting, but the programme felt hastily thrown together, maybe they needed something to go out around London fashion week. I'm also wondering why you have to travel halfway around the world to find out about things you could talk to local people about as well.

    I always wonder why we don’t make more of what we hunt, instead of buying in pelts and fur farmed in dodgy conditions. Why Siberian squirrels, as shown in the programme, if we can use local greys?

    Where I grew up in Hesse, most of our local hunters would shoot foxes only in winter to make sure they got something to tan and turn into practical things like winter hats, blankets, etc. for their own use, not to sell for fashion items. We still have a couple of good tanneries in the county, which helps. Few of my friends trap though because you have to give it 100% to do it properly. The guys who do it well are mostly retired from their day jobs so they have more time to check their traps, which, by law, have to trap either unharmed or kill them instantly. Most of them use box-type traps, not irons.

    Well, maybe, like locally farmed food, local fur will come back too. I know a guy promoting it in Berlin and seems to be doing well with the urbanites, getting people thinking and talking about local produce v imports.

    Anyway, thank you again for the link,


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