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Thread: tikka t3 varmint in 308 winchester

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    tikka t3 varmint in 308 winchester

    soldselling for a friend of mine he know longer uses this rifle and instead of it just sitting there might as well let someone else have it who will put it to use.

    its a tikka t3 varmint in 308 winchester ,plastic stock, blued action.

    the rifle had a barrel on it from riflecraft not to long ago. the bore is in very good condition its screwcut 5/8 thread and proofed

    regards to the riflecraft barrel anyone will know sometimes they get rifles in some are new and never had a round down them.

    they take the barrels off the rifles to fit a custom barrel and then they sell on these factory barrels or barrels which haven't had much use onto people for a good price. where they fit and proof before the person has it back.

    my friend had this done as when he got the tikka t3 which was said to be in good condition wasnt the barrel was scrap on it. so at the time he couldnt splash out to have a custom barrel on it so had riflecraft put a very good condition factory barrel on it.

    any trial is welcome if you want to go see it. he lives not far from helston in cornwall or can be posted to rfd at buyers cost. 400 for the rifle or 450 for the rifle and redding die's

    here are some pictures

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    still for sale guys. cant believe no one is interested in this at this price.

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    hi guys just asked my mate for some pics soon has he got 5 he will email them to me. if i lived close buy i would pop round and take them for him.

    but he lives in cornwall and im up in the west midlands. so bare with me cheers.

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    Is the scope included??

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    no mate the scope isnt included in the price. though a scope could be added at a little extra cost. pm me if you want a number to chat about the rifle

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    A 'bit' interested.....only thing is that I bought my Sako 75 .243W with 25 rounds through it, including S&B 6x42 for 500 all 400 for the Tikka, no scope and no clue what barrell sits on it is a bit steep-ish for me (although I'm a cheap-skate)..

    Is it a heavy barrel? what's the barrell length? do you have any grouping tests on paper we could see?

    To be honest, I'd take it for the right price, but 400 isn't it, as you can get a new one for just a couple more.

    sorry to be a pain in the backside

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    hi mate that is the price. you fell very lucky with the sako 75 thats for sure as the action is worth that all day long. same as this tikka the t3 action may not seam as good as there older model 595's but there worth what my mate is asking for this alday long

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