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Thread: Trigger Adjustment

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    Trigger Adjustment

    Took my Rem 700 to get the barrell shortend and screwcut last year. When I collected the gun the pillock in the shop said 'oh and I adjusted your trigger as I thought it needed it'...something I didnt ask for and he shouldnt have done, but at the time I was in a hurry and couldnt be bothered to say anything.

    A year later I bought a new stock and thought, well as I am putting the new stock on and doing a bedding job I would re-adjust the trigger.....But when I look the idiot who touched it in the shop had rounded all but one of the grub screws, yep Im well miffed but a year later not much point going back to the shop.

    I have managed to free the screw at the front of the trigger and got it from nearly a 4 pound set by the shop, too 2.5 pound which is what i like. But I cant adjust the creep as the grub screw is totally knackered, trust me I have tried!

    I might get another trigger, who makes triggers that want cost the earth and are better than the remington trigger?



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    These are good: Midwayuk - Jewell Rifle Trigger Remington 700, 40X with Safety 1-1/2 oz to 3 lb Stainless Steel

    and can be sourced and fitted a little cheaper than this. I have one on my 260 Rem.

    Regards JCS

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    Hell that was a quick reply! stalking me .....many thanks for that JC



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    I have a new timney trigger set at the factory at one and a half pounds pull.
    It is a nickel plated unit complete with safety.
    I bought it for a remmy that I could not get lower than 2lbs but then a mate of mine liked it as it was and bought it off me so I ended up with the spare unit.
    I bought it last November and only opened the blister pack to check it out.
    The model No is #501 so if you want to check it out on the Timney site you can find out all about it.
    I would let it go for 85 posted.

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    have you tried stud removers or "easyouts" as they often referred to?
    Reverse threaded tools of various sizes that screw into a hole either drilled into a sheared bolt stud or in your case the stripped grubscrew.

    replacement grubscrews are easy enough to come by.

    then at least you have a spare or salvaged trigger to sell on

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    I think I will try and get the grub screws out when I take the trigger off as still on gun at present. It will be a sod of a job as there is not much metal left.



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    depending on how much metal and the type it can be possible to fold in the "shell" of the grubscrew.
    tap and ie sets are often quite good for removing very stripped grub screws

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    Ok I will try that, just need to find what thread they are and what size, after I have bought the trigger above I will attempt to do as you say.



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    I suspect that in American rifles the grub screw alan keys are imperial and that the chap at the RFD has used metric keys to adjust, not the best of ideas as there's a 6 thou difference between 1/8th and 3mm alan keys, either that or just bloody heavy handed.

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