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    Hello Gentlemen, my name is Bill i am 60 years old alltho people say i don`t look it i do gym three times a week that keeps me fit and in shape,I work in a Hot Rerolling Mill i do voluntary work at the Black Country Museum running their hot rolling mill with a few work mates,I rough shoot, Clay shoot,do some rabbiting with .22 rim fire and 17 hmr i play chess badly i like debating politics and putting the world to rights i also like reading about the Native American Indians and the early mountain men like Jim Bridger,Jedadiah Smith and others who where the first white men to trade with the indians along with French trappers, And now i have taken up deer stalking i did a course in South Ayrshire i have started the D.S.C.level 1 course and when i pass it i will do the level 2 course hopefully,Thats me just another boring old fart.

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    Hello Bill, nice intro and welcome to the SD from another boring old fart.

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