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Thread: 3 months in the new permission

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    3 months in the new permission

    It has been a busy time lately because of me joining a syndicate in Germany late december. I have been there a couple of times now and saw a lot of deer and wild boar and came home with a cull every time. I shot up till now 2 roedoes, a fox, a wild boar uberlaufer and 2 wild boar piglets.
    Had another change for an uberlaufer but unfortunately I bumped with my rifle sling at the windowsill of the highseat. The group of 7 wild boar who where standing at the feeding site where gone in a second.
    Last week I shot a piglet weighing in 23 kilo gutted. I shot it at night but it took off for cover. We went to search for it the other morning as it is too dangerous to go after wild boar in the dark into thick cover. As I was studying the ground for blood stains I heard a galloping sound behind me, followed by a shot from my friend who accompanied me. It turned out that a wild boar decided to cross the open meadow at 9 in the morning. Because of the surprise it ran off unharmed. We laughed about it and then, even more amazing, another wild boar came, this time a piglet. Just ran across the meadow and disappeared over the hill. All this is very strange when there are 2 people and 2 4X4’s in plain view on the meadow….. We had again some laughs about it continued our search with the help of a tracking dog for the piglet I shot at the night before. We found that one after a 60 meter search, only 5 meter in the cover.
    Also we have quite some damage to the meadows. The wild boar right now are hungry and are looking for larvae in the grass. The hunting season ends in april and we probably will have about 11.000 euro of damage which we have to pay to the farmers. That is how it works in Germany; the hunters are held accountable for damages to crops. If you do it wrongly you can go broke…… Luckily we have an arrangement that with a lot of damages we pay (much ) less for our lease of the hunting grounds.
    But coming year we will be looking into damage control even more closely. Apart from our cherished already existing British friends coming over, we might have some room to invite more guests.
    I enclose pictures of some shot animals and live ones caught on the wildlifecamera.
    kind regards Ruud
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    good writeup ruud,nice pictures you have as well .when you say the season ends do you mean on the boar .do you go back for the roe bucks later on atb wayne

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    No, when you lease a permission it always starts on the 1st of april. (end on 31st march) Then you have to pay the lease and calculate damages and make a culling plan for the following year.
    The season for wild boar in our region goes on whole year round . Roebucks start first of may.

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    Well it certainly looks and sounds like a productive piece of ground you have!

    Just let me know if you need some help keeping them in control, I don't want you giving all your money to the land owners, and I won't even charge you for my services

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Nice one Ruud

    Glad your new permission is being and looking very productive, good hunting



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