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    Hi all, my name is Jez, i'm 50 and a complete novice. I live in sunny Newcastle Staffs. I've had my FAC and shotgun cert about 6 months and during this time i've done a bit of rough shooting and a few clays. Hopefully I will be spending a lot more time shooting in the near future, starting with crows, pigeons and rabbits. If anyone would be kind enough to offer some advice on obtaining permission to shoot my .22 rimfire I would be very grateful.


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    Hi Mate. Welcome to the forum

    Sorry to tell you, but your .22 isnt a large enough calibre to shoot deer anywhere in Britain.


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    Hi Scrun, Yes I realise i'm under equipped for deer, trying to walk before I can run really. Thought i'd get some experience with smaller stuff, meet some folks who know what they're doing and pick up some tips along the way. Hope i'm still ok lurking on here with my inadequate equipment.


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    Mate of mine found the best way was to go knocking on farm doors. Mostly he was told someone was shooting the land already, but he got his feet under a few tables. He then got invited to beat, met more people and things just snowballed from there. Basically it's about getting yourself seen and known and being helpful. Mate now shoots over acres and acres of land, beats for 2 shoots and even gets invited to Germany for boar shooting by one of the syndicates. Good luck mate

    And i'm sure noone would mind you lurking on here. We all start somewhere and i'm still at the bottom of the experience slope, but the lot on here are helpful and will answer anyquestions that you have. I just started off reading lots of threads, there are some real gems, save you wasting your hard earned cash and teach you the tricks of the trade

    Have fun


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    Thanks for the reply Andrew, I am going to do as you suggest and spend a day visiting as many farms as possible. I've been reading the forums for a while and as you say there's a lot of useful info to be found. Thanks again for your advice.


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    See if any gamekeepers need a hand with stuff like fixing release pens or putting rearing fields up then beating in winter , most of us are alright and will help you out setting up your rifle ect

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    Cheers mate.

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