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Thread: Lease prices

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    Lease prices

    I have been thinking of looking into leasing land in the future but what prices would you expect to say for deer leases? For example say you had 500-1000 acres with Roe on it but they were thinnly spread over the area...would that command more or less than say a small area of 100-200 acres which was smack bang in the middle of an area with a high density of fallow or Sika?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    I've heard it said that the FC base their costs on 100 per Roe and 150 per Red in the cull plan.

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    The price is what you want to pay at this moment in time the FC leases are to expenice for the current climate and will i am sure need to do something soon. But 100 per deer is what is the norm i think .But if its private ground then you might get away with 1 an Acre or if its a forst companye that has no major restrictions put on the stalkers you might pay up to 5 an acre.
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    If I had a 1000 acre block I would put it out to tender. Simple. I am looking to maximise a return. However some stalk for the reward some for the pleasure and some dare I say pay OTT to justify a FAC to thier FLO. All you can do is check the returns, check the ground and tender what it is worth to you,

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    Hi Chickenman,

    For sure, a 100 acres surrounded by deer-rich woodland is worth more than 1000 acres of land with few woods on it. (And you'd probably be able to lease the 100 acres much cheaper than large areas)

    It also depends where in the country you are. Here in the South you will be looking in the region of 2.00 - 2.50/acre.

    Hope that helps mate,


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    Thanks for your replies gents. I have to admit I would touch FC, all I would be interested in is via farmers, even if it took me a while to get the land. I have a couple of small bits of land and get them for free, which I am lucky to have achieved, even down to the fact that one piece of land I can say hand on heart no-one else would ever get as the farmer and his family are real decent folk and get alot of satisfaction seeing a smile on my face when I have culled a deer, I also butcher the deer for them which they cant thank me enough for...even-so I am looking for a wee bit more land.

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    Chickenman i wish you luck but its beter to have just! enough than to much managing deer is the key .
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    In my experience, 750 per 1000 acres of 'decent' Roe ground. 1000 per 1000 acres for good Roe stalking, and 1000 for 500 acres of great Roe stalking.

    ..wouldn't pay a penny more..

    Oh, and I'd insist on all other game rights, including pheasants and ducks, including the right to release birds, put up feeders, etc.

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    I manage one piece of ground for a client who just shoots bucks, he pays 5+the vat per acer for a 1000 acers,300 of which are wood, and about 30 roe and a few munties are taken each year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Chickenman i wish you luck but its beter to have just! enough that to much managing deer is the key .
    What does this say ??

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