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Thread: fallow buck stalk

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    fallow buck stalk

    thought it might be of interest to someone
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    Not registered on this site so can't view. However is it fair to our own paid up trade members to redirect such adverts if that is what it is? Jim

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    its not a trade advert and I dont even know the bloke
    He just won a sealed bid auction and cant go on the stalk.
    sounded like a good opportunity for someone local to get some stalking and to help out a fellow stalker who stands to lose his cash.

    I didnt think there was any issue with it but if it has upset anyone I am sorry

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    Flimwell in Sussex

    not me, posted on airgun BBS

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    I stalk my deer in Flimwell, am very interested
    CZ Mod 2e .22 ~ AI AE 6.5x47 ~ Sako M591 .308

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