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    .22 250

    Hi there, just put in for a variation to obtain a .22 250 ! Which gun would you recommend either new o'r second hand !? Thank's..

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    Personal preference really, you will get 101 different opinion.

    Personally, I like the Tikka 595, it would need to be s/h as I doubt you would find one new.

    im not a fan of the Tikka T3 but thats just me, if you shop around you could pick a new one up at very reasonable money.
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    Your budget and intended use pretty much drives this topic so how much do you want to spend and what are you going to do with it?

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    I have a tikka m595 22-250 and It Is a very well made solid gun

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    m595's are very well built and accurate. they have been about some years now though. so make sure you have a good luck down the barrel and the crown etc. if poss get it borescoped to see what the bore is really like.

    savage is a good one to look at also. they may not look the best but they offer superb accuracy also

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    I bought a new Sako 75 Hunter when I got the variation for .22-250. I was going to buy a .223, but the chap had a .22-250 on the shelf and offered a good deal.

    Secondhand Tikka/Sako would have been my choice if money had been shorter at the time. Given the exciting velicites that some people seem to handload to, the usual barrel inspection should probably be seen as extra-important with this chambering.

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    if it was me buy a 22.250 new unless you know its origins its a hot little round ie barrel life ,thats what a good gun smith told me when i got mine ten years ago ,not got one but if i was on a budget like i was back then i would get a howa .

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    I have a sako 75 stainless hunter, its about 10 years old and has had alot of use but has been well looked after.
    It will still shoot under 1 inch at 200m's
    It is also built on the correct action length which the tikkas are not.

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    Thank's lads ! I do fancy the Howa 1500 varmint with the thumbhole stock, looks the part !?

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    Quote Originally Posted by just View Post
    Hi there, just put in for a variation to obtain a .22 250 ! Which gun would you recommend either new o'r second hand !? Thank's..
    Don't buy a 2nd hand 22-250 unless the dealer has a bore scope and guarantees that it's not shot out. There are many guns out there with barrels shot out. It's often cheaper to replace the gun than rebarrel it.

    My recommendation for a rifle would be the one that fits you and feels 'right,' regardless of make or model. Don't choose a name, choose a gun that's comfortable and fits your body shape when you handle it.

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