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Thread: Hawke Prostalk Binoculars - anyone have a pair?

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    Question Hawke Prostalk Binoculars - anyone have a pair?

    Hi all

    Just wondered if anyone had a pair of Hawke Prostalk Binoculars in either 8 or 10 x 56?

    I've heard good things regarding their Frontier ED range and the Prostalk has the same glass.

    My only slight concern is the extra weight of 56mm Objectives at 41oz compared to their 8x43 at 26oz.

    Anyone with any experience of these please? I'm torn between the Frontier and the Prostalk now....

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    Can't comment on the Prostalk but have had the frontier 8x43 ed for a couple of years now and they are very good they've had a bit of abuse like flying off the top of my truck and smashing into the tailgate and are still in one piece,actually got to compare them side by side with a pair of swaro's a couple of weeks ago and lets just say there weren't much in it would say the swaro's were just a tad better but not enough to make me want to spend that sort of money on them not untill i kill these ones anyway.

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    Thanks for the update DR. I think I like the idea of 56mm objectives, just not sure about the weight. I've actually been considering stringing 42oz of sugar around my neck to simulate the weight and see what it's like....

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    Chris if your going to be doing a lot of walking your probably be better off with the 43's,at low light i can still see deer with mine for as long as i'd really want to be shooting anyway,i have on couple of occasions had to check sex through a 56mm schmidt and bender zenith but that really has been at last knockings so i doubt you'd really gain much from the larger objective on the bins IMO.
    ATB Neil.

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    Thanks for that Neil, I fear you're right regarding the extra weight vs limited extra light gathering. When will I learn that bigger isn't necessarily always better? 8 x 43s it is

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