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Thread: tips or tricks for getting your scope dead square

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    tips or tricks for getting your scope dead square

    his anyone got any tips or tricks for getting your scope dead on to the action ??

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    Sit the rifle in a typical bench rest set up with the fore end in a vice (not too tight, just holding it firm). You can check that the rifle is sitting correctly by placing a spirit level (small boat level) on the scope mounting rail if you're lucky enough to have a Sako with a flat topped rail.

    Get a sheet of ply, or a wall that you can put a long line on with a 6ft level (the longer the better) and place that about 15m in front of the rifle.

    Mount the scope and adjust the rotation of the scope to ensure that the horizontal cross hair is over or parallel to the line on the board.

    This is definately not the most accurate method but it does the job for me.

    Good luck,

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    It's something I have tangled with over the years and come off badly on a couple of occasions. I recently bought the following gadget:

    Midwayuk - Wheeler Engineering Level-Level-Level Scope Crosshair Leveling Tool

    and really like the following rings:

    Scopes - rings by Burris Optics

    .... and music.

    Regards JCS

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    thanks jcs
    one on order ! small price to pay for and easy life !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smudge262 View Post
    his anyone got any tips or tricks for getting your scope dead on to the action ??
    Spirit level on the action. Plumb line to align the crosshairs

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    A decent RFD who has all the kit and does it for you, correctly.

    We all want the WWW cheap deal


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    Those burris rings, do they work with optilock bases?

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    guys, zero the rifle, then use a plumb line on a target 100 yrds works well, now increase your elevation about 30 MOA (30 inch) and take a shot, the bullet should strike on the line 30 inch high, if its left or right then your scope is not in line with the action and any dialed in elevation would also pull the shot left or right, if off line rotate the scope re zero and start again.

    This way once it is correct a shot taken at range will move in line with the action/ elevation on the scope.

    Hope it helps Nigel

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    I clamp the action in a Work mate. Fit the bases and then put a piece of plate glass across the tops of the rings and check with spirit level. I use a bit of 1/4 plate glass 4x12" free from the local glaziers.

    I then fit scope and aligne the reticule against a plumb line.

    Normally sorts problem.

    Sometimes when you fit the bases they may be out of square/level so swap them around. Burris rings with plastic inserts are excellent and resolve such problems. Well worth the expense.


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