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Thread: Opti-lock Mounts

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    Opti-lock Mounts

    As far as I can tell,the only benefit to me having opti-lock mounts is to the guy in the gun shop who got 100 off me when he said I'd need a pair.
    You can get good second hand rifles for <500!
    Now that I think about it, Leupold mounts are 30, & Sportsmatch are even less. So I don't think I'll bother forking out next time!

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    You were luckly I got charged for having them fitted, 25! I won't make that mistake again and that gun shop owner will not be seeing anymore of my money.

    I do like the Optiloks though.

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    The RASCAL gunsmith. I got mine fitted & bore sighted a couple of times until I was happy with the height.
    Should have splashed out the whole bank balance & got the stainless models, as having to wipe down the blued models when you come in from it being damp, is avoidable at a price! Aluminium mounts next time. Must keep the weight down!!

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    I got the stainless steel Opti-loks very nice, but yes he was a naughty fellow charging me that much. But as I spend at least 500 a year in his shop and will now be spending 0.00 a year, the jokes on him.

    Funny lot gun shop owners

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    As the mounts cost three times as much, I would expect the groups to be a third of the size they would be with Leupold mounts!

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