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Thread: Having a problem mounting schmidt and bender 3-12x50

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    Having a problem mounting schmidt and bender 3-12x50

    Hi all i Have a schmidt 3-12x50 30mm which i have just bought and am trying to mount it on a sako 75 hunter stainless in .222. My problem came about when i clamped it on with a set of low height optilocks this leaves the objective of the scope about a quarter of an inch above the barrel, i thought this was great as i have the body of the scope nice and close to the barrel but problem is when i am out at night with lamp or even in slight moonlight the stainless barrel seems to be reflecting light which seems to cause a white haze that covers the whole bottom half of the reticle. when you look through it you would nearly think someone is holding up a white piece of paper on the bottom of the objective. I also noticed when i turn the mag down really low i can see a blurry outline of the moderator in the bottom of the reticle. My question is will a set of medium optilocks sort this as they will lift the scope a bit higher from the barrel. Anyone else have the same combination of rifle and scope and have the same problem?? sorry its so long thanks for any help.

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    It would seem that you are pretty limited in options here. Even if you did dull the barrel with black tape etc (which would look a bit **** to say the least!) you would still have the mod issue.

    Raising the scope with a higher mount seems like the only way forward.... Although, you may still have both problems. Especially the former, since the white reflection from the barrel is covering a substantial part of your view.

    Trial and error from here I think. Hopefully someone else has better advice from a similar experience.

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    Strange thing is i just took a Docter 8x56 off this rifle which had 1" tube but sat slightly higher about half to three quarters of an inch above the action and never had this problem at all i think the medium mounts will solve it at least i hope they will thanks for the halp.

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    Oh, well that sounds promising. Hearing that, I would agree, providing you match similar action clearance with the higher mount, you should be cool. The Docter has a wider field, so should give the Schmidt a better chance at the same hieght.

    Does this problem occur throughout the Schmidts zoom range?

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    I might have a set of 30mm stainless high Opti-lock rings for sale that would help out. Have them on sale or return if you are OK paying the P+P. If that don't work you will not have paid out money for nothing.



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    Buy a barrel sleeve it will cut down the glare its a common problem with large objective lensed scopes and lamping .

    or buy some cloth tape pain to get off

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    I didnt really try it at any other mag as i shoot at night at 8 or so. like you say if the tube height was ok a little higher with the docter shouldnt have any problem with schmidt at the same height. other good news is i only got the mounts lastnite so the guy will change them to medium height if i want, probably wont take a lot to make a difference here i dont really want to go down the botch job try sticking things on the barrel route with gear of this price.

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    The lower you go the bigger the problem, your lamp is coming down toward the barrel i went the opposite way and covered the barrel with a neoprene sleeve the barrel was blued it never stopped any glare the s/s will enhance it all the more .

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    Quote Originally Posted by james19306 View Post
    other good news is i only got the mounts last nite so the guy will change them to medium height if i want, probably wont take a lot to make a difference here
    Nice, that's the next stop then...

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    have you tried moving the light on the scope

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