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Thread: length of hunt?

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    length of hunt?

    I know that this a broad question, with many answers. Iím just trying to get a feel for stalking. When the average Brit. Goes hunting, with a stalker, how many stalking sessions do they go on at one time? In reading many of the articles, it seems that most go for one session or maybe for a day. When the average guy, where I live, goes hunting, it is usually for at least two days, sometimes up to a week or more. Of course deer season is for a set time, usually around rut. Some seasons are as little as a week or so while some may last close to three months. Lest I digress too much, my question again is how long( number of sessions) do you usually hunt? Thanks capt david

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    when i go stalking with a guide its for 3hours in a morning and the same at night but thats paid outings when i go to scotland its around a 4 day stint we drive through the night ready for a stalk at first light get as little sleep as possible in between stalking . the end of april im off to new zealand for a 10 day hunt we will be hunting and camping till we reach our lodge and use that as our base and from then on im unshure as i havnt been before atb,wayne

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    Hi David

    Depends on where I am hunting, but a 2/3 day trip would be normal for guys travelling some distance to their ground. I have some ground near so I might go just for an afternoon to there, if I am travelling I prefer 3 days, my theory is that you might get bombed out with bad weather for two days but it usually brakes by day three, and that is when you get a good chance of a animal. Trips for a week are normal for me too, usually for the Red rut or if the hinds/does need knocking off to keep up with the cull.

    Normally stalks last about 3 hours, but in the winter with roe in particularly I will hunt all day on my own ground.



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    As above, it depends on how far I'm travelling. Close to home I go for 3 or 4 hours normally, if its a few hours drive I tend to go for a couple of days and stalk twice a day, in Scotland we stay out all day for as many days as we can afford

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    We met at 05.50 and shot this at 07.59 when on the way back.

    She had ali barber's slipper and had to be taken because of this, it was unlikely to go fully broadside and was only 25yards from us so you hear me tell him to take a low neck shot which he did perfectly from the sticks he was stood to my right.
    And it was his first deer.

    I work on 21/2-3 hours an outing usually.
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    Most people take you out for a couple of hours morning and evening the best times to stalk deer however nothing to stop you arranging to stop out all day depends on your guide and the ground your stalking over, you could always break the day up with a spot of pigeon shooting over decoys through the day if your over here on holiday !

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    I don't pay for any stalking and all my permision land is within 20 minutes drive so if the light is right I can pop out after work and be back within 1 or two hours having shot something and dropped it into the dealer (in my village). During winter when darkness/light comes quickly I'm out for just a short time , summer this period is extended.

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    Highland perthshire, with us for roe, 2-3hrs from first light usually back 8am or so then back out 7.30pm till dark o'clock. If an insomniac can also spend the middle of the day poking about sheltered bits on the high hill . At reds we usually leave vehicles about 9.30am and expect to have climbed up into deer by about middayish , often the first shot taken between 1pm and 2pm. Depending on the beat and time of year,turn for home about 4pm to get guests to vehicles and away in time to change for 7.30pm dinner.

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