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Thread: Turrett Presses - anny good ??

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    Turrett Presses - anny good ??

    Afternoon Gents.

    This is my first enquiry on the site, so would appreciate any info.

    I have been reloading for a while ( .243 + .30-06 ) using a Lee Anniversary press - the single die version. It does the job, but I am getting fed up of switching the dies in and out - for both calibres. Does anyone have any feedback on Turret presses, makes, versions, pros - cons etc ??

    I read that you can fit the dies to a 3 - 4 hole plate, snap in the relevant plate for the calibre you are reloading, and means that you can keep the dies set up for the rounds specific to your rifles. Does this work in the real world, and does it save much time - not that I rush the process anyway ??

    Thanks in advance.


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    I had a Lyman turret press for years, simple solid press with a toolhead that would take up to 6 dies. Convenient to be able to quickly rotate another die into position but not essential.
    I currently use a Dillon 550B or a RCBS Rockchucker depending on what I'm loading but tend to be quite happy taking my time using the single station Rockchucker. If I need to spin out a die and replace it so what, I'm not on productivity bonus. I prefer to take my time and get it right.

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    Have a look on youtube this is a good one


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    Heres another good one with a Lee Loadmaster progressive Press


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    I haven't used a progressive press since the good old days of loading handgun ammunition. I now use an RCBS Rockchucker press, and as has been said, changing a die only takes a few seconds and there's no rush (at least, there shouldn't be!). I've still got a Lee Progressive, and looking at it now there is much more "slop" in it, which can't be good for consistency. Also, as you go up in calibre you need to apply more effort in re-sizing (especially full length) - 2443 won't be a problem I imagine, 30-06 and up - who knows.

    Just my 2p.


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    The only decent turret type presses for good consistent handloading of RIFLE calibres are either those on a closed or solid "O" frame - like the old RCBS 4x4 or similar - or with a massive central pillar like the Hollywood.

    All the others WILL flex. So your loading won't be consistent. That's fact.

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    Bernie Garland just my own very humble opinion the Lee progressive is only really suitable for reloading pistol rounds and it's not really the best at that though it is quite cheap to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Bernie Garland just my own very humble opinion the Lee progressive is only really suitable for reloading pistol rounds and it's not really the best at that though it is quite cheap to buy.
    All looks a bit to technical, to set up to be honest LoL


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    +1 for a Lyman turret press. Very convenient and the rounds I load seem very accurate, so there is not an issue. Redding T7 is mean't to be the best if you want to pay the extra.

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    im another for the rock chucker single stage press , once you get a rythem going it does'nt take long to knock out 50 plus rounds of 6.5x55 and .270 !

    but then again i dont target shoot , unless im load testing or checking my rifle zero .

    cheers lee

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