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Thread: recipes for 7mm reloading

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    recipes for 7mm reloading

    hi guys just got back from sportsman with some new heads to try
    will be loading for 7mm 08 .

    bullets are nosler 140 grain spritzer

    also nosler / winchester silvertip combined technology 140 grain
    powders used at moment h380 / h414 / also reloader 15

    any recipes data will be greatly apprieciated

    regards pete .

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    I will keep an eye on this as I'm about to do the same. Good luck

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    I find that 46grains of h 414 withj a 139 boat tail suited mine fine,
    I need to work up another load with the mod fitted.

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    just back from westcountry game fair picked up some hornady 139 grn sp interlocks
    also a complete reloading manual for 7mm 08
    will get some of these rounds loaded up and report back
    regards pete .

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    FWIW - I am using 140 Gn NBT / Accubond in Norma 7-08 brass, over 40.5 Gns RL15, Federal GM210M primer, at .035" off the lands in my rifle. The barrel is 22" LW 1:9 twist and this load gives 2850 fps MV and less than .5 MOA groups if I do my bit about right.

    Gone over to Accubonds in preference to BT as meat damage is significantly less, but with good expansion on Roe, Fallow and Munties.

    This isn't a particularly hot load, but usual cautions apply as it was worked up in my rifle, even tho it comes direct from the Nosler#6 book.

    Good luck with yours, great calibre IMHO.



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    tikka 260 thanks for the reply im going to load up all three bullets
    and see the knock down power and any meat damage
    then stick with the best regards pete .

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