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Thread: Browning or Tikka?

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    Browning or Tikka?

    I am left handed therefore restricted to certain rifles. I have been looking at the Browning x bolt and tikka t3 lite in 30.06 and can't make my mind up! any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Is the browning x bolt stainless stalker available in left hand in uk? i am having difficulty confirming this.
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    Quality, accuracy, nothing in it, both have plastic mag’s, go to the shop handle them both and see which one suits you, neither would be a bad choice.


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    Hi mate, i have a friend who is also left handed,he has the Tikka also in 30-06 and i have seen him shoot everything from boar in Slovakia to Wilderbeast in South Africa. In the last 10 years he must have killed hundreds of beasts with it and it gets lots of stick on the ranges he swears by it and it has never let him down. Hope this helps,Tusker

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    I have a left handed T3 that I bought new, I like it but for my latest acquisition I bought an old Tikka M690 action in l/h and am having it re-barrelled.
    This has worked out cheaper than a new T3, much quicker (I waited well over a year for the T3) and the old actions are generally acknowledged to be of superior quality to the new ones.
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    The check piece on the browning is ambi, i shoot mine left handed with no probs, (right handed bolt)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    The check piece on the browning is ambi, i shoot mine left handed with no probs, (right handed bolt)
    I have an A bolt composite stalker,and yes the stock maybe ambi,but the pistol grip has a noticable palm swell for right handers ,not sure about the wood stocked vesions though.

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    this is true but it still doesnt affect shooting it left hander, but thats just me, i dont think its that big it makes much difference

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