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    Gerber saw

    Hi all
    Just returned from Montana on a fly fishing holiday.
    Went into the Sportsmans wharehouse in Bozeman, picked up loads of bargains including one of these
    A great bit of kit, i also have a Sagen saw, but the Gerber is equally as good and cheaper, i won't say what i paid for it as it would make you cry!
    The Sportsmans wharehouse is awesome, just like christmas all over again as i remember it as a child!
    Hopefully they will get a Cabellas store for when i return again one day, next time for an Elk, well, when i save the money that is.

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    i bought my uncle one of these , it was part of a set of 2 , the other was a type of skinning knife , this was 2 christmas's ago and he still hasn't used it yet
    , i thought it would make a useful present , instead he leaves it at home and uses my gear instead

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    yeh seen one of these at CLA on saturday for 20.00 did think about it i must admit.

    does anyone know if there a kind of secateres (mini bolt cutter) type thing for bones , H- bones etc ?

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    I have an E_Z saw and its a great bit of kit especially for Roe and Fallow sized deer. Bushwear do an own brand "copy" for quite a bit cheaper than the E-Z Saw is normally sold for over here, but I have no idea how it compares in quality...

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    Bushwear saw. Had one for 4 years, must have done atleast 50 Reds and fallow, and still going strong. At one stage they were doing a combo deal on knife and saw.

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    Well in contrast to that post i had the bush wear saw and after only 6-7 roe it was blunt. Because of this i now bring most of my beasts home and open them up with butchers saw. But at 7 -8 pounds i dont think it would brake the bank.

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    Got me a Bushwear set, rib gutter n skinner in same pouch comes with a diamond steel , so I havnt had wear out. when home I just use my Mitre saw , clean cuts and no fussing.

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    Gerber saw i got mine on friday from the BDS shop 15.70 at the cla used it yesterday on a roe buck it did the job well good kit.

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