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Thread: krico mounts ???? which ones

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    krico mounts ???? which ones

    krico mounts and bases ........ which ones ? have apel swing off but want something non swing off ..... any ideas boys ?

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    Hi, I was referred to a company called Conetrol out of the US. Website . There are 3 qualities that
    they have, the best being the Custum mounts & rings. I have ordered mine, on their way to me. It is an older gentleman who you deal with, probably talk your ear off! But really knows his stuff! Hope this helps.

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    George V Miller is your man.

    His e-mails can be a tad brusk but its worth hanging in there to get his product.

    An elegant Krico deserves no less than his Projectionless rings and nicely contoured mounts.


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    Apel also do Roll off Mounts and yes in my experience they do return to zero. I have them on two rifles.

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