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Thread: Redundancies within Firearms Licensing Depts.

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    Redundancies within Firearms Licensing Depts.

    I was told today that all Bedfordshire FLD staff (presumably current FEO's) were facing redundancy, and the visiting/interviewing/licensing work was being transferred to Community Support Officers (PCSO's).

    Similarly, Northamptonshire FLD staff were also facing major staffing reductions and restructuring/redeployment within the coming year.

    It's all a bit vague, and I don't want to add to any tittle-tattle if that's all this is. There seems to be quite a few rumours circulating following the Beds./Herts. plans to do Renewals by post.

    Perhaps someone out there can confirm or refute this, or have some useful information they can add. I find it surprising but am really short of facts as I don't live in either of these force areas.

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    I don't think this will be unique to the forces you mention.

    All forces across the country are faced with massive pay cuts over the coming years and it's likely this type of enquiry will be devolved to Community Beat Officers as they are here or your PCSO's, to allow for either voluntary or forced redundancy within departments like Licensing.

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    Perhaps FAC holders in these areas don't know anything about this, or haven't seen my post.

    Is there really no information or contributions on a major change affecting them? Are staffing issues in FLD's so secret that no-one on the outside knows what's happening?

    I expected some replies, even from anonymous sources. If this situation is repeated in other FLD's all previous contacts, understandings, and half-certainties will change. This will particularly affect us as sporting shooters. Do I put this down to unsubstantiated gossip?

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    Cheshire's have reduced the staffing level a little within feo's dept.
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    Lincolnshire has lost two already due to retirements and they will not be replaced. Sadly mine was not one of them pity might have got someone with at least half a working brain.

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