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Thread: Advice about reloading equipment

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    Advice about reloading equipment

    Hi Guys

    One of my friends dad (who was heavily into shooting) has recently died and she asked me to have a look at some of his shooting stuff and help her to sell it on. All of his guns are either in gunshops or are now sold. However, all of his reloading gear was still at the house.

    I was round there today but I'm not sure what I'm actually allowed to remove and sell as I don't make my own ammunition and it's all calibres that I don't have on my cert.

    I've got a firearms and shotgun cert but what am I allowed to take away; bullet heads, rifle cartridges, gun powder etc? There is also loads of die sets for different calibres and measuring kits and I don't have a clue what they are worth? He seems to have pretty much everything, even stuff for moulding his own bullets.

    Any advice is appreciated and please let me know if you want me to put up any specifics.

    Thanks, Gav.

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    You can remove and take away everything that is not:

    a) Loaded complete ammunition in calibres YOU are not authorised to possesson your FAC

    b) Expanding (soft point or hollow point) bullets aka "bullet heads" in calibres YOU are not authorised to possess as "expanding missiles" on your FAC

    c) Loaded shot gun cartridges if they are loaded with solid slug

    d) Any armour piercing bullet heads. Which he would have held illegally BTW

    So as you hold an FAC and SGC the press, the dies, primers, powder you can take. All the bullet moulds. Any an all empty cases in any and all calibres (even if you don't have that calibre on your FAC) if primed or unprimed.

    Any and all shot gun cartridges save as mentioned in c) above. Again even if you don't have on your SGC a shot gun in that bore size.

    Any and all scales, powder measure dispensers (even with powder in), lead furnace etc.

    FWIW I would dispose of all the powder (it grieves to say) as you don't know what is good powder and what may be in the wrong tin or may be a tin with a mix of powder from pulled bullets.

    Sad to say in these days of compensation culture it is unwise to sell or even give powder to anyone else. Let the police have the pleasure of disposing of that! Or dig it into the garden.

    If you are taking away ammunition or bullet heads in calibres you are authorised to acquire on YOUR own FAC make sure it doesn't put you over your limit.

    Personally again in these days of compensation culture I'd let the police take away ALL the loaded ammunition except any in any RIMFIRE calibre. Why? Because if any of the centrefire stuff is reloaded and unsafe you may be liable for any injury or hurt.

    Some of the larger auction houses travel to Scotland and may be happy to take it ALL as a "job lot". Try Messrs. Holts in Norfolk. Or maybe Gavin Gardiner. He has an August sale at Gleneagles.

    Or if you wish I am sure that fellow forum members can help identify and suggest possible value if you can e-mail any pictures?
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    Thanks for that awesome relpy.

    Heres a short list of some of the stuff I have at the moment:

    • RCBS die sets for: .223 Rem, 7x57 Mauser, .45-70, .22 Hornet, .357MG/.38SP.
    • Lyman die set for 38-55 Winchester
    • Hornady die set for .243 Winchester
    • Various other non-boxed dies
    • RCBS 5.0.5 scales
    • RCBS uniflow powder measure.
    • LEE load-all cartridge loader.
    • RCBS loading blocks
    • Various LEE bullet molds.
    • LEE powder measure kit

    There's also still hundreds of mainly .284 and .308 bullet heads and loads of various rifle cartridges and also loads of primers.

    No photos yet though.

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    are you planning on selling these?
    If so I would be interested in the scales and the powder measure kit. am local (fairly)
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    I'd be up for a postal offer on the .223 & 45/70 dies.
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    Glad it helped. If you go on to and search under "reloading" you can, eventually, identify and find pretty much all you have listed with prices.

    Secondhand reloading gear is always very usually a "buyer's market" unless in an unusual caliber. You've really nothing that is, save the 38-55, all the rest is pretty standard.

    So how to price?

    Regrettably probably about no more than 50% of the prices listed on is about a fair price.

    Are the bullet heads full metal jacket (or Sierra Match King type) or expanding? If full metal jacket they can just be posted to any buyer and as no authority is required the buyer does not even need an FAC.

    The mould blocks will have a number impressed on the side, I think, that will identify what calibre, bullet weight and how many cavities. Although that last will be obvious anyway! But if you post that with any listing buyers will know what it is.

    But again that will assist buyers. Unless in unused condition the moulds will be worth about one third of the listed price. Sadly used Lee moulds as they are aluminium have a limited life and so don't command much!

    The most desirable item is the RCBS Uniflow. Depending if complete or not you are looking at at least 35 and maybe 45 plus postage. A picture would help show how much of it is there. There may be an extra "drum" and "powder hole adjuster" with it.

    The non-boxed dies are best sorted by first separating into maker's name. Then looking to see if they have 308 or 8x57 or something also stamped on them.

    The best price for the family may be achievd on here if you use classifieds and make a photograph of each thing (or set) and invite best offers by ten days time at 10.00am on 24 March something like that.

    An auction house will charge you 20% commission for their service.

    A "warning" don't use eBay if you have an account as they are in the habit of banning accounts where the seller lists reloading equipment! And there are a lot of anti-gunsport viewers of eBay who like to report such items!

    Hope that the family get a good return on your friend's items.
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    gavaroo ,
    If you do decide to sell I will happily find a home for the .357/38sp dies .

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    Nice one guys.

    One of my pals is going to have a look at the stuff tomorrow for me and will let me know if he or his shooting pals want to buy any of it.

    I'll be sure to advertise everything else on here (if I get up to my 10 posts ) and will let anyone who has expressed an interest know before doing so. Should hopefully know by tomorrow.

    Thanks again for all the advice so far.

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