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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Joined about two months ago so thought it about time I said a wee hello. I have lived out here in the outer hebrides for fourteen years(used to live in wester ross).I worked as a ghillie on a wester ross estate for six years when I was much younger and loved every minute(deer and grouse).I enjoy fly fishing,ferreting, shooting and stalking. Great forum by the way.Cheers

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    Hello Sundog, It's just like an islander to take things in their own time , the 14 years have conditioned you well.
    I spent 8 months working on Lewis, expected the worst but ended up loving the lifestyle. But all said and done, it's the mainland for me..

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    Hi Phil, I'm a mainland boy at heart.Grew up across the firth from you in Easter ross.Love living over here but some aspects of island life take a wee bit of getting used to.

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    Hey Sundog.,

    I'll have to google wester ross estate... but whats the stalking like in the other hebrides? ....I can imagine it is pretty wild and barren?

    do you guys have a website?

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    hi 50/50,
    what do you mean wild and barren?; it's windswept and interesting! As I said it was a long time ago when I worked on the estate on the mainland but I used to get an invite for a day at the hinds every year and on my mate's ground in that neck of the woods. I have my fac but no deer rifle on it as yet but talking to some of the boys around here the local estates are quite good at letting out the odd day. None of your fancy foreign deer over here just red

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