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Thread: RCBS vs Redding

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    RCBS vs Redding

    Hi all, would really appreciate advice. Am looking to buy first press to load .243. I want one that will last a lifetime and be safe and reliable. I am thinking of an RCBS Turret or a Redding T7. Any thoughts? And advice on where to buy one? Reading posts here it seems Rockchucker also popular. Many thanks.

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    either make for presses but i prefer redding for the dies

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    Redding for me.

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    the lee press is worth a look (the cast iron one)
    + redding dies

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    Redding T7 for me

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    I have had my Rockchucker for about 40 years and most of my dies are also RCBS.
    Long lasting quality gear !


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    Apart from the trickler on the Dial-o-Grain scale and the Lyman case trimmer everything is RCBS.


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    I reckon there's not much in it. On average, I've heard more people recommend Redding dies than RCBS, but not much. I still reckon they are pretty equal.
    I've got Lee presses, Lee dies, Redding dies, Redding scales, RCBS lube sizer and Lyman trimmer. Redding customer service is lightning fast no questions asked.
    For a good balance of value vs quality I'd still go Lee cast iron press, Redding dies and RCBS or Redding balance scales.
    "A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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    I have an RCBS rockchucker & its very good but would love the redding t7 & rate the redding dies over RCBS but still good gear. The Lyman T-Mag is also a good press worth consideration but the redding t7 would be mi first choice out of the two.

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    Forgot to say i use reloading solutions & rate them highly.

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