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Thread: Remington 700 - long / short action

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    Remington 700 - long / short action

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the remy 700 long & short actions please ?

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    Where ?!?!
    Is it the bolt / chamber end or just the barrel ?

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    I wasn't sure if you were being serious at first. Generally everywhere.

    The action itself and thereby the length the bolt travels between maximum rear opening to locking shut is shorter. The port for loading/ejecting is also itself smaller. The chamber/cartridge configuration will dictate either the use of a short or long action. Although some 'short' cases
    when loaded with longer heavier bullets may struggle to accommodate them in a short action magazine. 6.5mm for example can cause issues with this.

    What made you ask the question?
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    In the action,short action for 308,243,etc.Long action for 270,30-06.

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    Just bought a custom remy 700 sps in .223. I hadn't come across the long / short stuff before. I assume mine is a short action then.
    Thanks for the info Jamross65.
    Crimsonbullseye - Might have to speak to you about re-loading sometime too. My mate Oli223 says you're the font of all knowledge

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