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Thread: Optimum barrel length for remy 700 .223

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    Optimum barrel length for remy 700 .223

    I'm looking to have my .223 remy 700 sps varmint barrell cut down and re-screwed. Anyone know the optimum barrel length to maintain highest muzzel velocity.

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    My mate has that flavoured Model 700, heavy barrel; its the laminated thumbhole varient though. He bought it from rifle craft and got them to cut and thread it for a T4 sized mod.

    2inches is what they recommended taking off and so it was. All it does it make it a bit easier to get in and out of a vehicle though , it certainly doesn't make it much lighter!!! yet it does maintain it's balance. I would say if your weren't moderating it, you wouldn't have any chopped off.

    Speak to your local rifle-smith, they'll know.

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    soon as you chop it your going to lose some fps i guess it depends on how short you would like it and the ranges you shoot to.

    i dont know what the barrel lenght is to start with ? if it was 26 inches i would have it chopped to 23 inches with spigot thread and over barrel mod

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    Thanks for the input. I've spoken to South Yorks Guns. They are going to cut it and screw it for a reflex mod. Have left it to them to sort the optimum barrel length. They are very good and know their stuff.

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    I would think its made in the optimum barrel length

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    Coriolis I think you need to do a bit of research on interal balistics before asking such a question. You obviously have heard that with regard to a .22lr the charge is fully burned within 16" of barrel and that any additional length after that only causes drag on the bullet, therefore most people assume that a 16" barrel is the optimum length which isn't actually totally correct but is true enough for a sporting rifle.
    With regard to your .223rem you have to ask yourself what range do I want to shoot at, what weight and type of projectile, and how am I going to drive it to achieve the desired velocities. The permutations are immense. Depending on use and ammunition used the barrel length could be anywhere between 12" (legal minimum) and 36" for long range target, with all sorts of lengths and twist rates in between.

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    Thanks. All taken into consideration and have chosen what I believe is the right setup for my needs.

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