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Thread: Nice afternoon out in lousy weather

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    Nice afternoon out in lousy weather


    following a call from one of my clients whose outside lights are not working i went to see him to rectify. i took my rifle as the land behind his unit is some that i have authority to shoot on. As they say nice to kill two birds with one stone. I have been there before and always seen deer but never had the rifle or been there with the rifle and seen no deer. As most are aware the weather is a bit mince at the moment but i said i would give it a go all the same. When i arrived the first thing my client asked was did i have the rifle, he loves it, i had gave him a shot the last time i was down and he was really thrilled that he hit the target at 100 yards first time. Following about an hours work i got out the binos to spy the land and see if anything was about. Brilliant one out so needed to get sorted. over in the van was the rifle boots and coat. i left my client spying the deer whilst i got sorted. once i was all kitted out he went up to watch the stalk on the cctv. following a 120 stalk out to the deer i got a good look at it, it was a nice buck. Still in velvet which is the norm for this bit of land as i spied them last year well into april and still no signs of shedding velvet. i called up to my client and said no shot as he and three lads where now watching on the cctv. He said fine and i carried on. about 40 yards on i spied another deer which was streamlining the small copse wood. i backed up and went down the field out of site to the fence line approx 80 yards from where the deer was. i walked along the fence and had the wee copse on my right, soon as i seen the deer i got down and had a spy. He was a young button buck. Having already seen the mature buck i decided he was a good cull beast. i took the shot and he dropped on the spot. i stood up and as i did i heard the call from a deer, ok i thought but it was not the first one i saw that was calling so i walked on 10 yards. there in the clearing was the button bucks mum and twin brother. i spied them both for 1/2 mins and decided not to take the mum nor take the other button buck as 1, i didn't want to leave the button buck orphaned and i didn't want to take both of the does bucks either. as i watched them another mature buck came into view, this too was not the same mature buck i had seen earlier as he had gone in a different direction. As i watched them i took the decision to take the other button buck. the land where this is is a nice strip and having two buck kids and two mature bucks is a bit much for the area. i got into position and took the shot, the buck jumped and ran 10 yards and dropped. The doe and buck ran off and i retrieved the two young bucks. picture below. As managing the deer goes i think i did the right thing and in retrieving the bucks it was only too visible that i had. they have no body mass at all and are very light.
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    Hi Is it ok to shoot fawn bucks.this time of the year

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    I would say two button bucks were shoot out of season. Some body shoot a deer at 450meters 200 points of view shoot two deer out of season we only have one . If the doe had been shoot as well no problem.

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    Do juveniles require a Close Season? True juveniles i.e. deer under one year old may currently be shot legally during the female season either before or after their dam regardless of sex

    This was the answer the BDS gave to DCS on the question being asked. It does not state how soon before the mother being shot it is legal to shoot buck fawns.

    Quick Frank, get out after mum...

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    As 6pointer pointed out on another thread until 31.3. they are dependent young sexless, form 1.4 they become bucks. Poor beggar are in season from birth to end of bucks so in season for 17 months, Jim Well done cbs

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    The resident buck would just shove them out soon.good shot mate well done.ground turned out good leaving it for a while

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    2 bucks shot out of season.
    Very dark dorsal on both too.

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    Have always thought that you could only shoot kid bucks out of season if they had been or were about to be deprived of their mother.

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    Or if your on the fit and compitent register and crops are getting eaten

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    Based on CBS's commentary, I would offer the following:

    Under Section 25(b) of the Deer Scotland Act 1996, he is guilty of an offence taking (button bucks) kids as he had no intention of taking the mother and depriving them of her.
    Under Section 26 if the owner has given him an out of season permission and where CBS has reasonable ground for believing that serious damage will be caused to crops, pasture or human or animal foodstuffs on that agricultural land, or to that woodland, if the deer are not taken or killed, then he is not committing an offence. However, nothing in the OP suggests this is the case. Possibly still guilty of an offence until more is known!

    6 pointer- No requirement to be on SNH Fit and Competent register to get out of season permission, unless it is night shooting or if SNH wish to take control of a situation and put someone on an owner's ground to reduce numbers to prevent serious damage, protect crops/woodland or public. Refer Section 26(2). You maybe confusing it with Section 5(6) for serious damage to unenclosed woodland or to the natural heritage.

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