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Thread: Winchester SXP pump action

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    Winchester SXP pump action

    Has anyone tried out the new Winchester SXP 12g pump action shotgun?
    I'm not sure if they are even coming into the UK until next month, but am looking buy one.
    Just wondered if anyone has got their hands on one yet.

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    any luck with the sxp mate ? i been looking at one at my local gun shop and for 350 new they do sound like abit of a bargin

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    Not heard anything decisive either way. Had a look at one in my RFD and they seem well proportioned and well built. The price is also good for what you get. Had to put it on the back shelf for the mo as I'm concentrating on a new .243 rifle!

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    Not sure how true it is but I heard they were made under licence by Hatsan!

    I held one and thought it seemed rather cheap, then again it was less than 400 what do you expect?

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    I just wish we could get the BPS over here! Now that would appear to be a piece of engineering!

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