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    Tick Alert

    At the CLA i was pleased to see BADA-UK (Borreliosis & Associated Diseases - UK) as i have recently discovered all about TICKS on my dog, the deer and on myself.

    Here is a scan of the info i picked up very useful in my opinion.

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    They were bad last year, I shot an early buck in May last year and collected 8 ticks of the little bugger, that's a record for me. It is a constant battle with the dogs this year, I've only had a couple I am happy to say. I always thin that after a soft winter there is always more of them, and midges!


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    we were getting tick of the dog and ourselves in march on the west coast . We had a few in the borders a few weeks ago also on some sika duncan shot must be the good weather we are in at the moment muddy

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    is it normal then for me to see at least a 20+ on the deer that have been hanging?

    when skinning one on friday night i had them fall onto myself.
    the deer itself had all sizes from adult to nymph size and alot in between the legs and in the creases.

    you would think once blood coagulates there would be no reason for the ticks to stay on but during this heat i am only hanging for 24 hours .. maybe they need a little longer to fall off.. perhaps ?

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    You have a seasonal rise and fall in tick numbers. Apart from their mouth parts they also have a sort of glue to stick to their host takes time for this to breakdown. The health protection agency is running a recording scheme.
    goto goto topics a-z click on T download pdf of instructions. send them some of your ticks. Worthwhile IMO.

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    Yep, ticks can be nasty and the risk should not be taken lightly

    I went shooting in South Africa last year with my Dad, who fell ill soon after returning

    Diagnosis proved difficult and only a specialist in tropical diseases was able to dermine that he had a potentially fatal tick-borne illness.

    After aggressive treatment he is much better, but prevention is naturally better than cure.

    I would suggest spraying cuffs and trouser legs with insect repellent before setting out (not sure whether this would safe or effective for a dog, though)


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    My wife is convinced of the anti tick properties of Marmite, and duly adds a diluted spoonful of the stuff to the dogs food everyday, and she maintains that there is improvement. I don't know if this is the case or not but the dogs love it. It may just seem to be the case but it appears to be as effective as the commercial, and expensive, anti tick sprays for dogs.


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    I was talking to the tick people today at the game fair and they would like to have something on the web site all the time is that possible. pm me if so as i have their number and could past it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xim
    is it normal then for me to see at least a 20+ on the deer that have been hanging?
    It really depends on the area you stalk..Where I stalk in Thetford 20 ticks on a summer carcass would be a "light load" as the place absolutely heaves with them..

    Other places can be just the opposite and finding any ticks on a carcass is unusual...

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    Can I recomend the Tick Lasso...quite simply the bst tick remover I've ever seen (yes I know I sell them but I'm not touting for business, it really is excellent)

    It grips around the head with a loop of nylon so you don't have the risk of squeezing body contents into the wound.

    While I was away my wife pulled a tick from on the edge of the dogs eyelid with tweezers (I'd taken the Lasso with me) and left the mouth parts in. With the Lasso I was able to remove the mouth parts quickly and easily.

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